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Are you a web designer?

The Hacker We are looking for a talented Web Developer/Web Designer. You will focus on development for the web and mobile. Its essential that you will have proven experience developing successful, standards compliant, rich, consumer facing websites as well as mobile sites.

Salary depending on qualifications and experience.

As a Web Developer/Web Designer you will you have;

 • Excellent software development skills.
 • Excellent knowledge of a professional IDE; VS(preferred), Dreamweaver, Netbeans, Eclipse or other.
 • Excellent knowledge of PHP (Advance Procedural and OOP skills are required).
 • Advanced MYSQL (Strong database skills are required).
 • Advanced HTML5/XHTML, DHTML.
 • Excellent Javascript, XML, JSON, AJAX.
 • Excellent CSS2-3.
 • Good knowledge of WordPress (setup, working with templates and plugins).
 • Extensive experience in Win.8+|MACOS.10.6+|Linux/Ubuntu 12.04+ development environments.
 • Creating optimized and clean front/back end code.
 • Experience of developing consumer facing websites and mobile sites.
 • Experience designing and implementing large scale web user interfaces.
 • Experience of working with Photoshop.
 • Experience of integrating (Json/XML/MYSQL based) back-end services.
 • Experience of Handling project independently.
 • Experience in working with WAMP|XAMP|MAMP|LAMP.
 • Decent knowledge of Apache2.
 • Good Linux skills (preferably Ubuntu).
 • Basic knowledge of Drupal7+
Additional qualifications (not must but counting);
 • Basic knowledge of Java.
 • Android Development.
 • iOS development.

If this sounds like the role for you, waste no time in applying now! You will be required to send examples of the websites you have developed. A URL or Portfolio of work within your cover letter is fine.


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